Friday, June 26, 2015

Bentgrass Nurseries

The "dead" areas on the 15th and 16th hole are being established to the variety of bentgrass that will be utilized on new fairway and green surrounds for the renovation.  These areas were picked because the irrigation necessary is already present.  Having an on-site source of sod will be a huge advantage when we start growing in the new course.  To establish the new grass the staff killed the existing turf (w/ round up) and utilized an overseeder to seed in the new bentgrass.  An overseeder creates slits in the ground and drops seed into them, ensuring seed-to-soil contact (a necessity for germination).  The areas were then fertilized and watered.  Members will notice water running frequently here because seedling do not have the root structure that an established stand of turf does.  It's imperative that golfers do not hit shots from these areas and drop zones will be present shortly.

Also, half of our old poa annua nursery has already been converted to a bentgrass greens nursery.  We are in the process of converting the other half to bentgrass and already have germination occurring. 

15th Hole Bentgrass Nursery
Bentgrass Seedling under germination blanket in old Poa annua Nursery

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